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TSI 6" Whip Antenna for Topcon GPS (BNC)

TSI 6" Whip Antenna for Topcon GPS (BNC)

Antenna for Topcon GPS Antenna For GR-3,5, Hiper +, GGD Surv..


What Antennas Do We Offer?

Here are SiteSurv we know a variety of surveyors use different equipment for the variety of jobs they work on. Some of the equipment surveyors use are important instruments that require a variety of additional addons. One piece of additional addon you will find very important in the field of surveying is the antenna. Here at SiteSurv we are proud to offer antennas that fit a variety of surveying instruments. SiteSurv offers antennas that support GPS / GNSS Receivers, Total Stations, and many more instruments and pieces of equipment. If you're looking for great prices for antennas you have come to the right place.

What is a GNSS / GPS Antenna and How Does it Work?

A GNSS / GPS antenna is a device that is designed to receive and amplify the radio signals that are transmitted on specific frequencies that come from GNSS satellites. Once the radio signals are received and amplified, they are then converted to an electronic signal which will be used by the GNSS / GPS receiver. The output of the GNSS / GPS antenna is attachable to a GNSS / GPS receiver that can then compute the position and information needed.

What is a Total Station Antenna? 

A total station antenna acts very similarly to the GNSS / GPS antennas you will find on sale. A total station antenna primarily acts as a replacement radio antenna for robotic total stations. This total station antenna allows the total station to wirelessly communicate data found while on the job to the controller. The most common type of robotic total station antennas you will find are 2.4ghz whip antennas.

What is a Data Collector Antenna?

Almost exactly the same antenna as the total station antennas, the sole purpose of data collector antennas are to help communicate frequencies between the data collector and the total station or GPS / GNSS receiver. The data collector antennas are also commonly 2.4ghz whip antennas, but some include wasp sensors as well. 

Antennas for Surveying Instruments

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