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Aluminum Thumb Release Bipod

Aluminum Thumb Release Bipod

Side entry head with clamp for quick and easy pole setupUniq..


As a surveyor we know, no matter how well a device performs, it won't function as optimally as designed without the use of essential accessories. These essential accessories carry a wide variety of purposes ranging from just holding some equipment to stabilizing and maintaining another piece of equipment. Surveying instruments, for example, need to be set up in a stable position so that they can yield maximum performance and highly accurate results. For this reason, SiteSurv USA offers accessories for surveying equipment, one of which is a bipod.

A bipod is a portable two-legged frame, used as a platform for supporting the weight and maintaining the stability of some other object. A bipod provides stability against downward forces and horizontal forces and movements about horizontal axes. Because of its two legs, it can provide instruments with a balanced setup, which can help eliminate errors in surveying. Compatible with prism poles or level rods, these bipods do not weigh much, making it easy to move to different survey stations and transport setups. Additionally, most of the bipods on the market are brightly colored such as fluorescent yellow, red and orange so that surveyors can easily spot them, along with the mounted surveying instruments, in the bright outdoors. As long as these bipods are used, surveying instruments are guaranteed to have secure and stable setups.

Choose from our great selection of bipods which are used by the biggest names in the land surveying industry. Bipods by SitePro, Sokkia, and many other brands will keep your rod sturdy and leveled while on steep ground. Our bipods that we offer come in a variety of designs and features. Some include thumb-release clamps for easy rod mounting and leg extending while on the job, while others may include wide-stance pivoting which is perfect for improving stability. Some of our bipods even include bipod leg clips which help make transporting the bipod become a much easier task. 

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