• Seymour Pink Fluorescent Inverted Marking Paint (12 Cans)

Seymour Pink Fluorescent Inverted Marking Paint (12 Cans)

  • Brand: Seymour
  • Product Code: 20-679
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  • $52.00

Seymour is a fast drying marking paint designed to be sprayed in an inverted position. Produces vivid marks, does not clog, and is safe for grass. Meets APWA color standards and is VOC compliant. 


Properties: Flammability: “Flammable"
Flash point: -4F
Specific Gravity: 0.83
Solids Content: ~26%
VOC content: ~52%, cannot exceed 66%
MIR value: ~0.62, cannot exceed 1.20
HAPs content: 0
Storage Temperature: 40-100F
Application Temperature: 50-90F
Durability: Good
Abrasion Resistance: Good
Resin System: V.T. Alkyd
Shelf life: Guaranteed for 2 years
Freeze/Thaw: Up to 7 times without harm
Dry Time To touch: 15 minutes

Suggested Uses:

  • Utility marking
  • Golf courses
  • Landscaping
  • Construction sites
  • Surveying
  • Mining

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