Keson MC18100 Closed Metal Housing Fiberglass Measuring Tape (Double Graduated: ft., in,) 100-Foot , Black

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  • Product Code: MC1810100
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We know that blade protection is key to a long tape life. Designed with a closed metal case to help protect the blade, this KESON long tape measure features a flush-folding crank that pops up for easy rewinding. The rugged, stretch-resistant tape is constructed of 40,000 strands of fiberglass for long life, while double-throat rollers help prevent the tape from twisting during rewinds. The metal catch hook is set at zero so there’s no need for a measurement correction. The flush-folding crank pops up for easy rewinding. If you’re measuring alone, the metal catch hook is set at zero, so there’s no need for a correction. These are very popular with users that primarily do interior measurements.

Designed to withstand more wear and tear than any other kind of measuring tape. Given the roughest treatment possible... trampled underfoot, beset by mud, dust or rock abrasion, Keson fiberglass tapes take on abuse with little or no deterioration to their tough PVC coating. Printed on one side in feet, inches, and 1/8ths. Closed case. Length: 100 feet.

Features for Keson MC1810100 Fiberglass Tape

Long tape life


1/2-inch blade

Easy rewind

Flush folding crank

Compact, closed metal case

Up to 40,000 strands of fiberglass

Double throat rollers

Stretch-resistant and resilient


Tape Measure Product Grouping: Tape Measures

Item: Long Tape Measure

Measurement Type: SAE

Blade Length: 100 ft

Blade Width: 1/2 in

Graduation Type: in/ft

Graduations: 1/100 ft, 1/8 in and 1/10

Blade Material: Fiberglass

Tip Style: Folding Hook, Zero Point

Case Type: Closed

Case Material: Metal

Belt Clip: No

Blade Color: Yellow/White

Case Color: Black

Blade Coating: Clear

Lock Type: No Lock

Rewind Type: Manual

Standout: Not Rated

Stud Markings: Yes

Features: Double Sided Graduation, Hook End

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