Geomax EZiCAT i550xf 60Hz Locator

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EZiCAT i550xf is a robust and easy to use locator. The addition of low frequency tracing modes makes tracing buried utilities over long distances an easy and efficient task. EZiCAT xf-Series locators start in the last mode used and have two lower frequencies (512Hz and 640Hz), making them ideal for tracing buried utilities over long distances. As with all EZiCAT locators the EZiCAT i550xf has the unique Automatic Pinpointing feature which makes locating buried utilities easy and simple. You don't need to manually adjust the sensitivity of the locator because the locator does this for you automatically. Ensuring that you are using the optimum sensitivity for the environment you are locating in.

Key Features Inside:

  • Automatic pinpointing
  • Depth 
  • Modes: Power (default) Radio Auto
    • 8kHz
    • 33kHz
    • 512Hz
    • 640Hz
  • Hazard zone
  • Pinpoint assist
  • Signal strength indicator
  • Built-In self test
  • Service due indicator
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