Stonex X300 3D Laser Scanner

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  • Product Code: STX-X300-LS
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STONEX X300 is a 3D Laser Scanner is designed to provide accurate data every time and for every project.

The ease of use, reliability, flexibility and price makes the X300 a highly competitive product, now further improved with new features.

The X300 File Manager tool allows you to convert the data collected with the Stonex X300 Laser Scanner into Stonex Reconstructor file format or other standard formats. The files obtained can be used directly with third party software, such as CAD, Forensic Analysis and Road Accident Analysis.

Features: The fully sealed case protects your inversion making it possible to get the job done where others fail, regardless of dust, humidity, heat or bumps.

  • With the push of one button you control the X300 using your smartphone or tablet. Laser scanning has never been easier.
  • X300 balances the performance you really need in a wide range of applications with a reasonable price.
  • Sony 16 Mpx sensor, low distortion lens with HDR. Brilliant coloration and wide tonal range.
  • Full Camera Control: Exposure, gain, white balanceā€¦

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