Robotic Total Stations

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GeoMax Zoom95 Robotic Total Station Package

GeoMax Zoom95 Robotic Total Station Package

GeoMax Zoom95 Robotic Total Station PackageGuarantee the suc..


Stonex R80 Motorized Total Station

Stonex R80 Motorized Total Station

Stonex R80 is a Motorized Total Station for classic jobs for..


GeoMax Zoom90 Robotic Total Station

GeoMax Zoom90 Robotic Total Station

GeoMax Zoom 90 Series fulfills all your needs with one-man f..


Sokkia SX-105T Robotic Total Station

Sokkia SX-105T Robotic Total Station

One-man measurement made simple with superior auto-tracking ..


Simple Benefits of Robotic Total Stations

  • More Accurate Measurements
  • Greater Productivity
  • Fewer Mistakes
  • Reduced Rework
  • Better Quality Assurance
  • One Person Management

Different Types of Total Stations

When it comes to total stations, there are several types of variations.  There are prism, robotic, and reflectorless total stations.  While many of the core features stay the same for these different types of total stations, the main differences are the equipment you need to accompany it or the size of the crew you need.  

Robotic total stations are the most expensive option, the primary difference that separates it from the rest is that it only takes one person to operate it and it can be used with a prism or reflectorless. The robotic total station can automatically follow the user as they move with the prism, eliminating the need for someone to man the instrument. The ability do the job with just one person is why so many people want a robotic total station. 

Why Robotic Total Stations Are So Popular

A robotic total station bypasses all of the inconveniences of having to use two men or having to maneuver around construction sites full of debris, equipment, even ponds filled with animals that can't be seem. It does this with the auto-tracking feature within the robotic total station. Using built in sensors and Bluetooth capabilities, a robotic total station is able to rotate and follow the direction of a moving prism. If for some reason the robotic total station does lose track of the prism, simply press the trigger key and the robotic total station will automatically re-establish the connection.

Total stations are the main workhorse for any surveyor. Just about all of the data collected in the field depends on a quality machine. That is why SiteSurv carries robotic total stations for sale from the major manufacturers including, Stonex, Sokkia, and Geomax.

We are also a factory authorized Sokkia dealer, so if you need repairs or firmware updates, you can schedule an appointment with one of our technicians to get your equipment fixed or up to date with the latest software.

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